How to Play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot


One of the great things that can be said about the Da Vinci Diamonds slot is the fact that they really have catered for both experienced and in-experienced players. These are two fundamental factors that a lot of slot machine developers do not take into account, whether than is online or offline. Offline and online play can be extremely different, but IGT has certainly used their experience to manage to create the perfect scenario for all players.

Here is the thing; this slot machine allows in-experienced players to get to grips with the game play, symbols and bonuses extremely quickly. In contrast, they have also managed to get an extremely happy medium, allowing experienced players to enjoy some excitement, not to mention some extremely positive prizes along the way.

So what should players be looking out for? The first thing they should be looking for is to try and get the free spin bonus. Obviously any combination of free spins is going to be a plus for a player. They can be activated in a range of ways, so paying close attention to what the Da Vinci Diamonds slot machine is doing is essential here.

To activate the free spins, players will need to line up 3 symbols. These symbols will need to line up on reels 1, 2 and 3. Of course, if they are not on an active pay line, then this will not count and no free spins will be awarded. If they do activate on a pay line that is in action, then the fun can begin and players can enjoy their free spins.

It can become frustrating when players realize what they could of won, but keep sane. The reality is that betting 20 lines each time can become expensive and a bank roll will certainly not last very long. Slow and steady wins the race, so consistently keep the bets and spins going and eventually, patience will prevail – giving the player the winnings they have been chasing.

When a player has managed to hit this bonus, they will usually be awarded 6 free spins. That is not the end of it for players on the Da Vinci Diamonds slot though. Manage to line up 3-5 bonus symbols during the free spin period and they could be eligible for a further train of free spins. Bear this in mind; the free spin count can be anything from 1, right through to 300, so this can be the major winner for a lot of players.

Here is the great thing about the free spin bonus; it does not matter how many pay lines a player has active. Even if one pay line is active, during the free spin period, all 20 lines will suddenly become active – so it is easy to see how quickly prizes can materialize into something more than what an average player might expect.